Our Los Angeles-based design studio is founded by Ramin Shirdel who embraces the convergence of art and architecture. We explore the boundaries between different mediums to expand the limits of human perception in spatial and formal reality. We believe architecture serves as the driving force behind our mission, empowering interactions with the built environment and taking them to new heights.


Ramin Shirdel, founder of Ramin Shirdel Studio based in Los Angeles, CA, United States, is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. With a Master of Architecture degree from TAU earned in 2008, Shirdel’s work spans various types and scales of architectural projects, sculptures, and installations.

Throughout his career, Shirdel has showcased his work in both solo and group exhibitions. His solo exhibitions include shows at prominent galleries such as Sophia Contemporary Gallery in London, UK (2017), Sharjah Art Museum in Sharjah, UAE (2016), Etemad Gallery in Tehran, Iran (2015), Ayyam Gallery in Dubai, UAE (2014), and Elahe Gallery in Tehran, Iran (2011).

In addition to his solo exhibitions, Shirdel has participated in various group exhibitions, including E1 Art Gallery in Tehran, Iran (2019), Artstage in Singapore (2017), Art Miami in the USA (2016), Sophia Contemporary Gallery in London, UK (2015), and the 6th Biennial of Sculpture in Tehran, Iran (2011).

Shirdel’s talent and expertise have also led him to be commissioned as an artist for the artwork of the Qatar National Library, which was designed by OMA in 2018. His works can be found in numerous important private and public collections.

Furthermore, Shirdel’s art has been featured in auctions, including Tehran Auction (2016), Ayyam Gallery Auction (2014), Christie’s Dubai (2013), and Ayyam Gallery Auction (2011).

Through his diverse artistic and architectural pursuits, Ramin Shirdel has established himself as a notable figure in the contemporary art scene, with his works garnering recognition and appreciation from collectors, institutions, and audiences worldwide